Meth Lab

Apr 2, 2013 10:11 PM

17 People Decontaminated After Meth Lab Bust

LEX 18 was there as men and women in hospital scrubs carried orange hazmat bags out of the ER at Baptist Health. They weren't hospital workers, just a few of the 17 people who came to Baptist Health to get checked out after police busted a meth lab.

"We determined it was necessary for us to go ahead and decontaminate them as they were requesting," says Jill Williams, spokesperson for Baptist Health.

No meth was found in anyone's system.

"They were very scared, they were nervous, and they were embarrassed because they didn't know," Williams said.

Police found the meth lab in an apartment on Turpin Drive. A sign that reads "condemned" is now posted on the door. Thirty-nine year-old Rebecca Henry and 25 year-old Allison Sloas have been charged with making meth. Police say they live there. There is a Head Start kid's program right next door.

We're told most of the men and women who went to the hospital live in and around the building, though none of them, including the people leaving the hospital, would talk on camera about what what they went through.

"Everyone left, walked out healthy--I don't know if I can say happy--but they left knowing we had taken every precaution and made sure they were okay," Williams said.


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