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May 2, 2013 10:45 PM

60 Dogs Rescued From Animal Hoard In Whitley Co. Home

It's one of the biggest animal hoarding cases the Whitley/ Knox County Humane Society has ever seen. Nearly 60 dogs were rescued from one home Thursday, and officials are expecting to get more Friday.

"This is probably our largest case," says Deanna Myers with the Whitley/ Knox County Humane Society.

They were surrendered to Whitley County Animal Control by an owner in over his head.

"There's a few that are aggressive, and you can tell a lot of them are just scared," Myers says.

Nearly every cage at the humane society is full, and workers say plan to rescue 20 more dogs from the same home Friday.

"People think that they're helping and in turn it ends up into abuse because there's no way that anyone can take care of 60 animals on their own," Myers says.

The dogs are mostly healthy, but many of them are days away from having puppies, which could put a strain on space, supplies, and food. Other shelters have stepped up to help.

"We got local rescue, Homeward Bound out of London, they're here to help, and we have rescue groups out of Chicago, traveled from Chicago to help."

Most of the dogs will leave for those shelters Friday, to be adopted into new, safe homes.

No telling what these dogs have been through, but that's not a concern to these volunteers:

"We're not so much worried about where they're coming from but where they're going, and a good opportunity to get them into good homes."

Even after these dogs are taken to other shelters, the Whitley/ Knox County Humane Society is at capacity. If you'd like to take one of their animals home, you can, at the adopt-a-thon this Saturday, May 4, at the PetSmart in Richmond. The event will run from 11am-6pm.

You can also donate to the humane society. Call 606-526-6925 for more information.


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