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Mar 26, 2013 5:40 PM by Josh Breslow

911 Calls Released In Deadly Interstate Crash

Dispatchers in Whitley County were flooded with calls from people who witnessed and even tried to help the young man killed in Monday's crash on Interstate 75.

Caller: "I live right here and I just heard a humongous explosion and a bunch of racket. I can see something up there but I can't really make it out."

Caller: "There is a serious accident involving 18-wheelers and possibly somebody seriously injured or dead on Interstate 75."

Investigators said snow and ice played a role in causing 27-year-old Tyler Armacost of Indiana to lose control of his SUV northbound on I-75 near the Tennessee border. Armacost crossed the median, clipped a semi, and hit another semi head-on.

Dispatcher: "Is anyone hurt?"
Caller: "Oh yeah."
Dispatcher: "Was you involved?"
Caller: "Yes, I was."

Armacost was pronounced dead on the scene.

Dispatcher: "You said there's a fatality involved?
Caller: "Yes, there is. I got him covered up with a blanket."
Dispatcher: "You didn't find a pulse or anything? Did you check for that?"
Caller: "He's not alive at all, ma'am."

As witnesses came to grips with what they were seeing, several rushed around making sure no one else was hurt.

Caller: "Everybody else is OK."
Dispatcher: "So there's no other patients? Everybody else is saying they're fine?"
Caller: "Everybody else is fine. They're just shooken up. That's all, ma'a,m."

Police told LEX 18 that Armacost was likely under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the collision. The Whitley County Coroner will be running a routine toxicology test.


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