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Mar 11, 2013 6:20 PM by Josh Breslow

911 Calls Released In Knox County Fire That Killed Seven

As the fire responsible for killing 7 people in Knox County burned, several neighbors picked up the phone to call for help.

One listen to the calls made to 911 on Saturday morning and it's clear the people living near the home on Shady Brook Lane didn't realize the magnitude of the situation.

Dispatcher: "911."
Caller: "Uh yeah, I'd like to report a fire out here in Gray."

Caller: "There's a house burning right now. I can't tell if there's anybody in it or not. There's smoke rolling and fire coming out the windows."

Nina Asher was inside that home with her boyfriend, Jesse Disney and her three kids, Will, Camden, and Abigail. Two other children staying the night, Brielle and Peiton Cox were also there. Asher was 11 weeks pregnant. The seven victims did not make it out. It seems nobody knew anyone was inside.

Dispatcher: "We just paged the fire department about two minutes ago, OK?"
Caller: "OK."
Dispatcher: "They should be on their way. Is everybody out?"
Caller: "I'm thinking so. There ain't no vehicles in the driveway."
Dispatcher: "OK buddy, they're on their way."

Autopsies on the victims are expected to be finished Tuesday. Funeral arrangements are pending.


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