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Mar 18, 2013 10:24 PM

911 Calls Released: Students Lost In Letcher County

It's been nearly two weeks since 37 students from a Pennsylvania college got lost in Letcher County on Pine Mountain. LEX 18 has obtained a recording of the 911 call one of the students made that night.

Dispatcher: "911 what's your emergency?"
Student: "Um hi, could you send an ambulance to bad branch falls?"

The caller is one of the students from La Salle University in Philadelphia. They were in Letcher County to build habitat for humanity houses. On Thursday, March 6, they went hiking on Pine Mountain. The sun started going down and the group couldn't find their way back.

Student: "We have a student--a college student--he's 20 years old, he's severely dehydrated, and we think he has a concussion. We, right now, are still in the woods, and we are trying to get back to the road, but are hoping to have an ambulance there when we get there so that he can immediately go to the hospital."

In a desperate situation, the student stays calm on the phone with the disaptcher.

Dispatcher: "The other dispatcher is paging us an ambulance out, okay?"
Student: "Wonderful, thank you so much."

They didn't know it at the time, but the students were two miles deep into the woods.

Student: "Okay, well the thing is that we're sort of stuck in the middle of this park and we don't have service. So we're going to try and keep moving for about a mile and a half away from the parking lot. So we're just going to try and keep moving."
Dispatch: "Okay."
Student: "It's getting dark."

Then the student hangs up.

It would be more than eight hours after this call, 3:30 the next morning, that rescuers found the students.

After getting checked out at a nearby hospital, a few showed signs of mild hypothermia, but everyone was okay.

The students have since returned back to Philadelphia.


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