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Nov 27, 2012 10:25 PM

A Family Mourns The Loss Of A Loved One, Asks For Monetary Help

As if losing a loved one on thanksgiving isn't enough pain and stress, now one family is left asking how they're going to make ends meet to bury the one they love. A moped accident in Wayne County on Thursday killed 51-year old Charles Franklin Barber, better known as Frankie Senior.

A day of thanks, turned into a day of mourning.

"I ran to his son Franklin Junior and said it's your daddy, it's your daddy go get in your truck he has been in a wreck," exclaimed Melanie Towles, Frankie Senior's girlfriend.

Frankie Barber Senior was at his family's home in Monticello Thursday, when he took a moped for a cruise. Frankie's girlfriend, Melanie Towles, said she wasn't too thrilled about Frankie riding a moped.

"(Melanie yelled at Frankie) Get off that moped, you're going to give it a flat tire, cause he was a big guy. He looked up at me and said I love you baby, revved it up and took off," said Towles.

Just minutes later Towles recalled the police scanner saying there had been a moped accident on Crabtree Hollow Road. Frankie Senior had lost control. According to the Wayne County Coroner, Frankie hit a tree, went over an embankment and instantly died due to head injuries.

Now, Towles is without the love of her life and wanting nothing more than to help Frankie's children lay him to rest, but finances are a problem.

"We're having problems with getting money for gas for them (his family) to travel back and forth from Monticello to here," stated Towles.

If you're interested in helping the family, a fund is set up at Lexington's Vineyard Community Church off Eastland Parkway. They are hoping to raise enough money to help the family pay for a funeral.


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