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Nov 7, 2012 11:05 PM

A Georgetown Thief Is On The Loose, Victim Speaks

Police said a thief who racked up hundreds of dollars on a stolen credit card is still on the loose and they hope surveillance photos will help identify the man.

Police said last Thursday, this man - seen wearing a red sweatshirt and St. Louis hat - broke into a car in Georgetown and stole a purse. The victim? Jenna Olney. While this is the third time her car has been broken into she said never before have so many personal belongings been taken.

"I had a credit card, an emergency credit card in there, my bank card, two social security cards both mine and my daughters, our insurance cards and my license," explained Jenna Olney.

It was then, filled with panic, Olney said she cancelled all her credit cards and called police. They were able to trace the cards, discovering more than $400-dollars had been spent, in Lexington.

"(They) purchased a large amount of gas and then went inside and bought some cigarettes. Then (they) went to Radio Shack and bought a TV, then went and tried to purchase $15-dollars worth of food at Wendy's and by that time the card had been cancelled," stated Olney.

While Olney said she has issued a fraud alert on all her credit cards and contacted the social security office, in order to protect herself from future identity theft, nothing can change the fact that she feels violated.

If you have any information, call the Georgetown Police.


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