Terri Bennett

DYP-Around The Yard

Jul 8, 2011 8:31 AM

A Steal Of A Deal On Power Tools

I have a garage full of power tools! But even so, there are times that I don't have what I need to get the job done. Before you think about buying a brand new tool, consider shopping for reconditioned or refurbished ones instead. They've been repaired and restored to factory specifications and the best part is that they won't be sent off to fill up landfills. And get this, most major tool makers sell them online for 30 to 70% off the regular price! Sites like ToolKing.com and Amazon.com are reliable places to start shopping. Many tools they offer are still under the manufacturer's warranty. Sometimes, we need a major power tool for a specific project. In that case, another money saving option is to rent the tool you need. Home improvements stores such as Lowe's or Home Depot offer rental equipment for whatever you're doing. But what could be better than a free power tool? Some neighborhoods have their own tool sharing network. If yours doesn't, inspire those who live near you and create your own! You can recruit members in your community newsletter or through your homeowner association. So be smart when shopping for tools! It's another easy and money saving way to tread lightly on our planet. To Learn More Visit: ToolKing.com Amazon.com Lowe's Home Depot


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