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Mar 15, 2013 6:43 PM

Accused Lexington Daycare Worker Says She's Innocent

The Lexington daycare worker charged with criminal abuse, accused of putting a child in a dark bathroom and shutting the door, shared her side of the story with LEX18's Bianca Spinosa outside a Fayette County courtroom. 30-year-old Ebonie Washington insisted she didn't do it.

"I know I'm innocent," says Washington. "I don't even put my own kids in a dark bathroom. That's not acceptable at all."

The little girl's mom, Samantha Deering, told LEX18 and Lexington Police that her daughter came home from daycare and told her she'd been put in the dark bathroom for a long time.

After her first court appearance, Washington tells LEX18 what she says happened at the Next Generation Daycare in the Eastview Plaza in Lexington. She says the four-year-old girl was throwing things and hitting other children.

"I put the child in the corner, yes I did. She was not following directions. I did do that. She was not there for an extended period of time," says Washington. When we asked her if she put the child in a dark bathroom she said, "No, she was with the rest of the children. We were all on the carpeted area."

She says she turned the lights out because the children were all going downstairs.

"I guess her mother took it the wrong way. Maybe it was some of the choice words that I used. Case in point 'horrible.' I did use that word a couple of times," says Washington.

After losing her job at the daycare, Washington says she's doing OK and plans to have the truth come out in trial.


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