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May 31, 2013 6:00 PM

Admitted Murderer Steve Nunn Apologizes to Amanda Ross's Family

For the first time in four years, admitted murderer Steve Nunn is breaking his silence. The former legislator shot and killed his former fiancee Amanda Ross after the two ended their engagement.

Steve Nunn had little to say two years ago when he pleaded guilty to shooting and killing Amanda Ross outside her Lexington townhome. However, Nunn had a lot to say at Friday's hearing where he was allowed access to all six boxes of evidence from the case files.

A handcuffed Steve Nunn, who is without an attorney right now, asked Judge Pamela Goodwine if he could have five minutes to speak. For the first time, he apologized to Ross's mother.

"I have wanted so badly to tell Diana Ross how sorry I am about all the things that have transpired, and she's not here today, and I don't blame her for not being here, but my heart is broken, and I'm very sorry to everyone that I've let down through all this," said Steve Nunn.

The tension in the courtroom was palpable as Nunn began talking about the case files, raising doubt that everything was in the boxes. Judge Goodwine assured him the boxes hadn't been touched. Commonwealth's Attorney had fought the release of the photographs and other evidence to Nunn, but it was overruled.

"As I sat and watched Steve Nunn and listened to him, I was reminded this guy shot and killed a woman in the prime of her life in absolute cold blood," says Ray Larson, Fayette County's Commonwealth's Attorney.

Nunn has claimed there's documentation in the files that could help his case, and said he would return anything "controversial." He will be allowed two cubic feet of his cell for the files. He's serving a life sentence without parole for the murder.


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