Burglary Investigation

Mar 20, 2013 4:54 PM

Alleged Burglar Falls 12 Feet Through Ceiling Tile

A burglar was caught in the act Wednesday afternoon as he scrambled through the attic of a Lexington store. He also gave police a hard time before they could make an arrest.

The employees of Roses noticed something strange going on upstairs rather quickly Monday afternoon, but just because he was found doesn't mean the burglar wanted to give up all that quickly.

Police say Paul Masters was sneaking around in the attic of the Roses general store off of Winchester Road hadn't gotten around to doing whatever it was he planned to do from up there, when employees heard him moving about from above the tile ceiling, and called police.

Police police swarmed the shopping center, and chased him through the attic. Police say Masters ran probably about 50 yards through the attic area before the ceiling gave way and he fell about 12 feet through the tile ceiling to the ground.

Police pounced, but the man resisted arrest, say police, even injuring one of their officers.Police then tased the man so they could take him into custody.

Early indications is that he climbed up through a bathroom access to access the tiles through the bathroom

Police say they're charging the Masters with burglary, but say they do not yet know exactly what his intentions were.


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