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Nov 2, 2012 4:55 PM by Josh Breslow

Alleged Drug Dealer Charged With Murder In Overdose Death

Authorities in Clark County have arrested the man they say supplied drugs to an overdose victim, charging him with murder.

In early August, Wade Dickerson died from what investigators labeled a "heroin overdose."

"I don't believe that he would've just done it on his own," said Rebecca Gross, Dickerson's daughter. "It's been three months and we've pressed and pressed and pressed and they finally have done something and I'm just extremely happy over it."

Winchester Police arrested Harold Salyers, 52, on Thursday evening, charging him with Dickerson's murder.

According to court documents, Salyers is the man who "sold heroin to Wade Dickerson prior to his death."

"None of us know him," said Gross, when asked of Dickerson's relationship with Salyers.

Gross pushed for the murder charge, saying she believes there is more to the story. But overall, she hopes it will set a precedent in Clark County and that drug dealers will face life behind bars, if someone they sell to dies as a result.

"I just hope he has to serve time and realizes what he's doing isn't appropriate," Gross said. "You'll get what's coming to you."

Salyers is in the Clark County Jail charged with murder. He declined LEX 18's request for an interview.


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