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Sep 19, 2012 12:48 PM

Alleged Lexington Bullying Case Waived To Grand Jury

The case of a Tates Creek High School student who allegedly tried to hang himself after police say he was bullied has been waived to the grand jury.

One of the defendants, 18-year-old Antoine Young, had a preliminary hearing Wednesday for his part in the alleged crime. Police say he videotaped the incident, but in the initial hearing police say they were not able to find the video of the alleged incident.

Young's defense attorney tried to get his client's charges dismissed because he only videotaped the robbery and assault but wasn't physically involved. The judge disagreed and the case is waived to the grand jury.

Police say Young and a juvenile stopped a high schooler back in August while he was on his way home from class. The teen told officers he was then attacked and had his backpack and shoes stolen. A detective testified that the teen victim then tried to hang himself from the humiliation of being bullied.

During Wednesday's hearing, it was learned that Young and the victim knew each other for several years.

The judge ruled that because Young videotaped the incident and verbally encouraged the others, his robbery charge still stands because he was complicit in the crime.

There is also a third co-defendant, an adult, and police still have a warrant for his arrest.


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