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Jan 30, 2012 4:28 PM

"American Pickers" May Come To Kentucky

A popular show from the History Channel could be traveling to Kentucky. The American Pickers are hitting the road, in search of treasures you may have in your junk pile.

The modern day treasure hunt show that has captivated thousands of viewers may make their next stop in the Bluegrass. "It takes a lot of running leads down," said Leslie Bray of the Richmond Chamber of Commerce. "It takes a lot of being on top of things. It takes mostly networking.

And that's exactly what American Pickers intends to do before deciding if they'll stop in the Madison County area. "They're very point blank about 'please don't call about this list of things', and then there's a list of things they do need," said Bray.

Pickers Mike and Frank, who spend the show sifting through abandoned buildings, are not looking for old farming equipment, tools, glassware, appliances. What will get them to Kentucky are things like old bicycles, sports collectibles, vintage signs and toys. If you have any of that, they want to hear about it.

"We hope the whole commonwealth will come together and take on this and call the company," said Bray. "And they'll come to all over Kentucky. And we'll get some good exposure out of it.

Exposure that reminds the rest of the country how much history is in the Bluegrass. "There's so much to offer and people don't even realize it," said Bray

For a list of the items the pickers would be interested in buying, click here. We also have information on how to contact the producers if you want to sell by clicking here. Both links are .pdf files.

If they get enough items, the show plans to come to Kentucky at the end of March.


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