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Feb 18, 2011 3:36 PM

Are We Really Alone? Kentucky Called "Hotbed" For UFO Sightings

Did you know Kentucky is considered a "hotbed" for UFO sightings? According to the state director of MUFON, an organization that investigates the sightings, our state just may be a very popular destination for advanced alien life.

Just when you think you've heard and see it all, there's another reason to put Kentucky on the the map. "We cover hundreds of cases in Kentucky every year," said David MacDonald, a commercial pilot and the state director of the Mutual UFO network, a group of about 1,000 trained investigators who look into reported UFO sightings. "Ninety percent of the the sightings are easily explained. An aircraft, a satellite, a little alcohol, but 10 percent of those will knock your socks off."

Explaining the unexplainable obviously isn't easy. MacDonald says there were ten UFO sightings reported to MUFON in Lexington alone last year, though a bulk of the reports his organization investigate originate in eastern parts of the sate.

MacDonald, however, adds that one report from a trucker two years ago who was traveling on U.S. 60 stands out. "This thing comes up goes around him it's a triangular craft," he said. "Next thing he knows, his lights go out, truck dies. He's dead in the water."

MacDonald said MUFON got confirmation from the power company there were unexplained rolling blackouts in the area at the time of the sighting by the trucker, and the case remains unexplained.

MacDonald said a lot of the sightings end up being military aircraft being secretly tested - the Stealth Bomber was the subject of UFO reports for years before it was publicly revealed - but the rest?

MacDonald isn't alone when he says he's convinced there is other life "out there." Back in September, seven former Air Force officers held a press conference in Washington claiming that they witnessed UFOs causing malfunctions at U.S. nuclear weapons facilities. Over 500 people responded to an LEX 18 poll asking if the officers were telling the truth, and more than half said believed that they were.



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