Robbery Investigation

Nov 12, 2012 5:31 PM

Armed Robbery Shocks Campus; Police Close To Making Arrest

Danville Police say they are very close to making an arrest in an armed robbery where a Centre College student and his friend were forced to withdraw money from a bank at gunpoint.

It happened early Saturday morning and police say they now have a person of interest.

Centre College students say town and gown relations are good. So when they got an email about a terrifying armed robbery over the weekend, it was unexpected.

"I was really surprised. I guess that it could happen to anyone. I was shocked. It doesn't happen that close to campus very often," says Caroline Anderegg, a Centre Student.

"The fact that it happened to some Centre students, I was shocked," says Centre College employee, Jessica Key.

Danville Police say around 3:00 in the morning Saturday a student and his friend were walking home from Speedway on West Walnut Street toward the fraternity houses.

That's when police say a man in a white bandanna pulled a gun on them, demanding cash. When the student explained he didn't have any, the robber forced them to walk to nearby PNC Bank and withdraw some.

"He did have the gun pointed to them as they walked up walnut street, it was a very short walk," says Chief Tony Gray with Danville Police Department.

Fortunately, the student and his friend weren't hurt. Police say there were no witnesses but they have received tips and recovered a piece of evidence from the bank. Enough they say to have a person of interest.

The robber is described as a white man about 5'9" and 190 pounds, wearing blue jeans, a dark-colored jacket, a hat and a white bandanna across his face.

If you have any information, call Danville Police.


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