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Dec 13, 2012 5:30 PM

Arrest Made In Alleged Assault Of Kentucky Marine Who Received Medal Of Honor

An arrest has been made in Adair County in the alleged assault of a Kentucky Marine who received the medal of honor.

Kanissa'ai Thompson, 18, of Columbia, KY has been arrested and charged with second-degree assault. Marine and Green County native Dakota Meyer was treated at a local hospital Sunday and reportedly had to get staples in his head from cuts suffered during the alleged assault.

Sources tell LEX 18 the attack happened during a party with Lindsey Wilson College students that Meyer was attending with his brother.

Meyer is the first living Marine in almost four decades to be awarded the medal of honor by the president. The 24-year old received his award in September of 2011.

Meyer was asked to make several national appearances after receiving his award, which he did, and was usually accompanied by a security team from the Kentucky State Police, something the agency wasn't required to do, but offered their services anyway. The amount of time security followed him has dwindled as Meyer's life has started to return to normal.

State Police say there was no security with Meyer Sunday when he was assaulted.


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