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Nov 29, 2012 9:59 PM

As Reward Expires, Group Agrees To Take On Cold Case

Thursday, a 100,000 dollar reward for information that could help solve a cold murder case in northern Kentucky expires. Just in time, the investigation has taken a new turn.

Members of a secret society from Philadelphia say they think they can help solve the murder of Bill and Peggy Stephenson.

"We presented this case to the Vidocq Society of Philadelphia," says Tom Scheben with the Boone County Sheriff's Department.

The Vidocq Society is an exclusive crime solving organization named for the French investigator: Eugene Francois Vidocq. The group has taken on trying to solve the murders of Bill and Peggy Stephenson.

"What they do is investigate cold cases. Long standing murder cases," Scheben explains.

The society is as mysterious as the cases they solve. Now more than 150 members strong, each of them brings an area of expertise: from psychological profiling to forensic pathology.

"You have federal level, state level, county level, local level, people who have been involved in these type cases for their careers," Scheben says.

Bill and Peggy Stephenson were murdered in their Florence home Memorial Day weekend 2011. A suspect has never been named.

Vidocq hasn't commented on its involvement in the investigation, but the society's website says: "When cases meet Vidocq's stringent criteria and the investigating agency seeks our participation, {members} serve in the background at the pleasure and direction of law enforcement."

The society only takes nine cases a year. Detectives in northern Kentucky hope new eyes will help move this case forward.

Right now, investigators don't plan to renew that 100,000 dollar reward.

Investigators say they have the DNA of at least one person they think killed the couple, but they haven't found anyone who matches that DNA.


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