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Jan 2, 2014 5:35 PM

At Least 35 Crashes Reported In Wolfe County

At least 35 car wrecks were reported in Wolfe County Thursday as rain turned to ice on the roads.

The Mountain Parkway running through Wolfe county was a danger zone - seven cars slammed into each other in the freezing rain.

Jerry Ramey says he was caught in the middle of it all.

"We were coming down the road and just hit a slick spot, and I slowed down to about 30-35 miles an hour," he said.

But a slow speed wasn't enough to stop the cars from, one by one, crashing into each other on a curve of the Mountain Parkway.

"We had a truck behind us, bounced off of it, came around and hit another truck in front of us, and he hit another truck," Ramey said.

The Sheriff's Department worked a couple dozen more crashes throughout the morning. They said about four occurred on 205, there was a log truck overturned out 715, and some other vehicles down on route 11.

Sheriff Carson says luckily there were very few injuries.

Ramey wasn't hurt, but he did spend about four hours in the cold while the pile-up was cleared.

He realizes the crash could have been a lot bigger. He saw many close calls while he waited.

"There was close to twenty in all, but some didn't hit each other. Some just hit the guard rail, and some couldn't move," he said.

And once you got out of your car, it wasn't any better.

"You couldn't even get through here. It was so slick, you couldn't even stand up on the road," Ramey said.


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