Bank Robbery

Feb 20, 2013 7:26 PM

Bank Robber Strikes... Again

Lexington Police now have a name to put to the face captured on surveillance cameras during the January 28th hold up at the U.S. Bank on Richmond Road.

Detectives say the man who pointed a pistol at the teller and demanded cash is 45-year-old Chistopher Schenk.

Schenk's guilty conscience has caused him to walk into a Kentucky police department and fess up to a bank robbery once before, but this time he is wanted for a bank robbery here in Lexington.

"We really don't believe that he has a strong Lexington connection in any way. No relatives, no friends, no home," said Sharelle Robertson, Lexington Police spokeswoman.

LEX 18 has learned he's a Leitchfield, Kentucky man who has a lengthy criminal history in his home county of Grayson and in neighbooing Hardin County, where in 1996, Shenk, a self proclaimed gambler, held up an Elizabethtown Bank, getting away with $1,000.

Enough to cover the $700, he told police he'd lost the day before a gambling boat in Indiana.

A remorseful Shenk said then, that was money he was supposed to have spent on rent and school clothes for hi four children.

Schenk is sentenced to eight years, but only had to serve 20 percent.

Police ask that if you have any information about Schenk, to contact them.


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