Dec 30, 2012 11:12 PM

Barn Owner Speaks Out After She Loses Everything In Fire

Last weekend a woman in Boyle County lost more than a dozen animals in a barn fire, only one baby goat survived.

Now that woman is talking for the first time about what she lost and her farm's long road back from the devastating fire.

"I had gone out that morning to let the horses out," remembers Donna Slack."I wanted to make sure they food water and hay and the heat lamps were secure," she says. This was Donna's routine every day, and it's exactly what she did last Saturday before she left for a day trip to Indiana.

Donna loved her animals and wanted to make sure the goats would be warm in the frigid temperatures, so she set up heat lamps. But later that day, she got a devastating phone call. "My neighbors told me the barn was fully engulfed," she remembers.

Donna rushed home, but it was too late. 33 goats inside the barn died, one made it out alive. "We named him "Lucky' after him being so lucky to have survived."

Heartbroken, Donna is now left to clean up the mess and deal with the loss. "I don't think a day has gone by I haven't cried," she says.

Donna says she knows she wants to rebuild, especially a barn to house Lucky. But she also wants to warn other barn owners about using heaters. Firefighters determined the cause was the heaters she had set up to keep the goats warm.

She also wants barn owners to check their insurance policies. "If I can just save someone the heartache and pain I've suffered so much this week, just check your policies," says Donna.

Friends have set up a donation fund in Donna Slack's name through Chase Bank.

"I wont give up. But I know it's going to be a long road."


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