Nov 2, 2012 10:31 PM

Benefit Held for Two Pulaski Teens Hurt in Accident

Its been nearly a month since Somerset High School football players Will Hinton and Jacobi Gilmore were injured in car accident. While both boys are home from the hospital, they have a long recovery ahead. Tonight people in Pulaski County gathered for a fundraiser to help the boys with medical expenses.

An endless line of people filed into Meece Middle School's cafeteria for a benefit. The guests of honor, two very lucky young men Will Hinton and Jacobi Gilmore.

"It's kind of overwhelming. You wouldn't really expect it. I don't know a lot of the people that have came out, it's a testament to how much of a family we are as a community, it's nice," explained Hinton.

The family said they've been showered with generosity and support since the October 4th, accident. The boys had just finished football practice when officials said they pulled into the path of a tractor trailer.
Jacobi's father, Greg Gilmore, said since then the support and thoughtful words have come, even from miles away.

"Me and my wife received a card from St. Louis and phone calls. I don't know anybody in St. Louis, but evidently it got to them and it really touched my heart just to know that many people cared," stated Greg Gilmore, Jacobi's father.

Hinton and Gilmore still have hurdles to overcome, including intense sessions of physical therapy.

"I have fractures in my head, so I've had to do a lot of memory sessions and stuff," explained Gilmore.

"I had to get use to transferring into the wheelchair and having to be in a wheelchair all the time which is not normal for me. I've always been out doing stuff and not being able to do anything sitting at home all the time is difficult," stated Hinton.

It's events like this benefit though, that brighten their days. That, and spending time with the football team especially during play-offs.

Both of the boys are being home schooled for now. Will plans to go back to school after Thanksgiving and Jacobi will follow in January.


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