Nov 22, 2012 10:21 PM

Black Friday Madness

While some stores opened their doors at 8 o'clock Thursday evening for black friday deals, others didn't open until the stroke of midnight. You could almost call it, midnight madness. Some people have been lining up for days and others just hours, all hoping to get in on the sales.

"I got to get to Walmart. Cause they opened at the same time as Toys R Us and than I gotta get to the next one and the next one and the next one. How late do you plan on being out shopping? I'm going to be out all of the night and most of the morning," exclaimed one Lexington shopper.

From Thanksgiving, it's just 32 days until Christmas Eve and long lines of shoppers are hoping to snag black friday deals. That perfect gift, for someone special. No matter what item you're looking for, more than likely other shoppers are as well. The long lines are proof, but one black friday enthusiast said the craziness could be avoided.

"There's an extreme to what's ok and what's not. If you get your stuff and go in an orderly fashion, it's a nice thing to do. A nice adventure, but other than that it can get crazy,"stated Lisa Lesshafft, a Lexington shopper.


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