Feb 20, 2013 9:54 PM

Bourbon Co. Man Charged With Possessing, Distributing Child Pornography

Kentucky State Police arrested a Bourbon County man who they say downloaded several thousand files of child pornography.

Sixty-four year old James Wells is in the Bourbon County Jail with no bond. Some of his neighbors tell LEX 18 while they're sickened by the investigation, they're not shocked.

Wednesday afternoon, Wells talked to state police on his front porch. He seemed relaxed, calm, taking a couple drags from his cigarette. When an officer led him to the cruiser in cuffs, he didn't put up a fight. In the back seat of the car, Wells even made eye contact with our camera. But he didn't want to talk about the several thousand files of child porn police say they found on his computer.

"I'm glad he was caught, that's something that needed to be brought to the neighbor's attentions to know what's going on around here," says Jerry Clark.

He and his wife, Willa Clark, live two houses down from Wells.

"Well, I have heard things in the last couple of years, different people talking about maybe he was doing these kinds of things," Willa says.

The Clarks are raising their six year-old grandson. They say they're nervous now that a man they see almost every day in the neighborhood, is charged with having and distributing sexually explicit material involving kids.

"At least I know what's going on, and I know to watch my grandson," Willa says.

Other people on the street told us off camera wells has tried to take pictures of their kids.

Aaron Davis, who helped mow Wells' lawn, says he wondered why Wells never socialized with the neighbors:

"I could tells something was wrong, because he always stayed in the house. Never wanted no one to come in the house."

Davis says the 64 year-old spent a lot of time on his computer.

"He would sometimes turn it to the side to where I couldn't see him. I never asked what he was doing because it was his business."

Business that's now being talked about by almost everyone on Lilleston Avenue.

According to a police report, KSP started investigating wells back on November 30, 2012.


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