Jun 20, 2013 5:44 PM

Boyle Co. Sheriff: Counterfeit Money Floating Around Central Kentucky

There's nothing funny about the funny money floating around several Central Kentucky counties. Counterfeit cash making honest people, victims.

So, what should you look for?

"It's a very small black detail going across there that would be hard to counterfeit," said Sheriff Marty Elliot.

But even watermarks are being forged, as Boyle County Sheriff Marty Elliott explains. He's dealing with a major counterfeit operation that's spread from Danville to Stanford with some bills even being passed in Lexington.

"Our information is there's at least $4,000 worth of counterfeit money running around these couple of counties that's going to be passed," SHeriff Elliott said.

With computer and printer quality improving, the Sheriff says counterfeiting has increased significantly over the last five years, and can make anyone a victim.

Because this is an ongoing investigation, the Sheriff couldn't show us the funny money but here's what the real thing looks like:

- watermarks visible on both sides of the bill
- color shifting from green to copper
- real money has raised lettering
- and will fit perfectly on the paper

The Sheriff suggests getting a counterfeit detector pen but even that can be forged.

"They'll put a check mark on it with a brown marker and some people will accept that, but you should check it," Sheriff Elliott says.

The Sheriff says they have several suspects but no arrests have been made. The Sheriff says most counterfeit money is passed in dark or crowded businesses.

He says it's also been popping up at yard sales and fast food restaurants.


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