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Jun 18, 2011 11:06 PM by Alan Cutler

Brandon Knight Remains Very Confident

Think about it. You are an NBA general manager getting ready for the draft on June 23rd. What if you could get a point guard who doesn't take a night off and not only wants to be great, but he's already working on the changes in his game to get there. And, you could see him playing at a very high level for at least a decade.

These kind of players who are also loaded with talent don't grow on trees.

While Brandon Knight stopped in Utah, he talked about the parts of his game he needs to improve on to make it big.

"Definitely using the pick and roll," says the former UK point guard.

"Changing speeds. I think a lot of young players, especially my age play the game full speed because they think everything has to be fast. So, definitely changing speeds using my left hand more because I pretty much score, it's easy for me to score with my right, so I have to make sure I make my left just as good as my right."

If he ever becomes nearly as good with his left hand as he already is with his right hand, Knight could be impossible to guard.

And, he's quick to admit the obvious. The NCAA run which took UK to the final four helped his stock.

"Yeah, definitely. It shows we had a freshman group that we were able to make it there to the Final Four so, that shows that next year we probably could have won it. Especially if we could have had Enes."

How many times have True Blue Fans just said, if we could have had Enes Kanter.


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