Sep 12, 2012 10:31 PM

Burglary Suspects Caught After Laurel County Search

Two men and a woman, who police say may be connected to several burglaries in Pulaski County, have been caught after a long search in laurel county.

Deputies covered a lot of ground looking for these people. The search ended around nine Wednesday night in Levi-Jackson State Park.

It began around five, at a trailer in Laurel County.

"They shot tear gas into the mobile home," says one neighbor, who saw the whole thing unfold.

No one was home. But deputies found several guns. Guns they say they think two guys stole from homes in Pulaski County earlier that day. Investigators were looking for Marty Stewart and Jeff Noble. During the mobile home search, they got a tip: someone saw a woman pick up two men from that trailer just before police arrived.

Neighbors want to stay out of it. This woman will talk, but she won't give us her name or show her face:

"It's spooky, it's scary, because he's real dangerous, he's sneaky. He's the type of person who will come back and try to harm you."

Deputies find the three walking in Levi-Jackson State Park. They chase down and arrest 40 year-old Robin Asher and Jeff Noble. But their main suspect, Marty Stewart, gets away.

Deputies take to the air, searching by helicopter, and bring in dogs. After four hours, and a few cell phone conversations with Stewart, they track him down about a mile south of the park. He's unarmed, and they arrest him.

Deputies say all three arrested will face charges in Laurel and Pulaski County.

As for those burglaries in Pulaski county, deputies there say they can't release any information at this point.


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