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Nov 3, 2010 9:34 PM by Mary Jo Perino

Cal Dines With A Billionaire At KFC

We all know John Calipari wasn't happy with his team's performance against Pikeville, and he let them know about it in practice on Tuesday.

After practice, he was much happier. So happy, he gave the team Wednesday off.

"It was much more physical. Hand-to-hand combat. Drills that were nice and tight. And you know what, they responded," Coach Cal said via Lexy.

"I told them, watch tape of our scrimmage, our exhibition game, there were things that I could not be mad about because we hadn't talked about them. We hadn't made practices rough. Well, then they played the way they played. So we've got to tighten the ship up. We've got to get more physical. We've got to go after balls with a viciousness. We've got to play vicious defense. We've got to train them and drill them and then we should expect it from them," said Calipari.

Wednesday, Cal spent the afternoon with billionaire Warren Buffet. Cal said via Lexy that it was number seven on his "bucket list", to meet Buffet.

Guess where they had lunch?

Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Calipari said the best part came when the two were eating and a woman came up to him and Cal was expecting her to want his autograph.

Not exactly.

She asked Cal to take a picture of her and Warren Buffet, and she had no idea who Cal was. He said it was the best thing ever.

Cal also hopes he turned Buffet in to a Kentucky fan.


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