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Apr 6, 2010 1:25 PM by Alan Cutler

Cal Has No Interest In NBA

Cal says he has no interest in the NBA.

Even though it's the off-season, he's doing updates on

Now that Duke's Coach K has said he has no interest in the rumored 12-15 million that the New Jersey Nets would offer, you hear Cal's name in the NBA rumor mill.

Cal coached the New Jersey Nets, for two-plus seasons in the 1990s before getting fired.

"You know one fun thing for me?" says Cal.

"I'm not rumored for every college job."

"In all my years of coaching, they tried to use that on me in recruiting. Every college job that opened, my name was thrown in. Guess what? Not anymore. Because I've got the greatest college job."

"Now, they'll throw in my name at the NBA, and I have no interest. But there is no way they can come back and say, He wants this job, that job."

The key for Cal is recruiting. He will probably have more scholarships open than he can fill. With some of the best high school players waiting to see who will leave UK for the NBA before deciding where they will play college ball, Cal doesn't want NBA rumors to effect his ability to bring the next John Wall to Lexington.

"It ain't gonna affect our recruiting," says Cal.

Cal is also saying what he said after he came to Lexington. Before he retires, he wants an undefeated season. If he does that, look for Bobby Knight, who did that in 1976 at Indiana, to come out and rip Cal again.


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