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Mar 4, 2011 6:17 PM by Alan Cutler

Cal Is A Big Louisville Fan

Did you know that Cal is a big Louisville fan. Big Louisville fan. Kentucky beat Louisville bad. Louisville has gone on to have a great season. The more Louisville wins, the more it helps UK's strength of schedule.

"And everyone thinks I'm crazy," says Cal.

"They think I'm nuts. When you go to Louisville and spank them, you want them to win every game. Because now their strength of schedule. When they won against Pittsburgh, I said their strength of schedule would go up and what happened. It went up."

Cal, like a lot of coaches uses the media to get a message to his players. This isn't new. It's been going on a long time. Part of the problem is, the players don't pay attention to the media.

"You can really get caught up in that and it can mess you up and just make you unfocused so," says Terrence Jones.

As far as Jones is concerned, you can't win either way.

"If they say good things about you then you can get caught up in it. If they say bad things about you, you can get caught up in it."

Brandon Knight, the smartest Cat, was funny.

"The only thing I look at in newspapers is basically the pictures to be honest with you," says Knight. "I look at the pictures and that's about it."

Tobias Harris of Tennessee is one of the best freshman in the country. Terrence Jones, his good friend thought Harris was coming to Kentucky. If that happened, what UK fan would be complaining about one and dones? The record would be better. Jones and Harris have this bond.

My mom and his dad talked all throughout recruiting. He's a great friend. I've known him for a long time.

It's senior day at Tennessee. Both teams really need to win. UK really needs to win on the road. UK and Rocky Top could be a classic.


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