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Feb 19, 2012 7:09 PM by Brent Carney

Calipari Compares UK's Three Point Shooting To "Linsanity"

Jeremy Lin mania is engulfing the basketball world, including Lexington, the home of the nation's number one college basketball team.

Kentucky head coach John Calipari is accustomed to "Big Blue Madness," now he's drawing comparisons between his top ranked Wildcats and "Linsanity."

Kentucky hit 10 three pointers in its 77-62 win over Ole' Miss Saturday. The total ties it's second most makes all season and the first time making over nine since before Christmas.

"You have got to understand, they were giving us that shot, versus letting us get near the rim. In the middle of the zone, they were not giving us the lob to Anthony Davis; they were back," Calipari explained.

And that's what reminded Calipari about the Knicks benchwarmer-turned-star point guard.

"You talk about Jeremy Lin," Calipari continued, "He scored, scored, scored, because the other teams were saying, ‘make him score and beat us,' and he did.

So then they came back and said, ‘no, we are not letting him score, and he had 13 assists.' That's basically this. You just whatever they are giving you, you've got to take."

Lin led the Knicks to another win Sunday, scoring 28 points and dishing out 14 assists in a 104-97 victory over Dallas, the reigning NBA champion.

As for Kentucky, the team does not rely on the three pointer but is shooting it at 38 percent.

"I've got a terrific three point shooting team, I really do. But we just don't take a whole lot of threes because we don't have to. I like threes; I love dunks," Calipari said.

Doron Lamb led Kentucky with 16 points Sunday and is among the best three point shooters in the country from behind the arc at 49 percent.

"I hope teams keep doing that," Lamb said. "We all can make shots and if they do that, it'll be a long day for someone."


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