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Aug 28, 2012 4:41 PM

Cats Get Physical At Practice

Joker Phillips did something today he doesn't normally do the week of a game. They got physical, really physical.

"We tried to set the tempo with our 3-on-3 drills and you sometimes get worried about doing 3-on-3 the week of the game but we needed it. Our mock scrimmage (Saturday) wasn't really a full-speed scrimmage and we needed something to set the tempo, so we went 3-on-3 today and got exactly what we wanted," said Joker.

Phillips said the coaching staff will dial back the physicality of practice starting Wednesday although they want to continue to increase intensity and number of reps.

"We needed to set the tempo," Phillips said about practice Tuesday. "We will start easing up a little bit tomorrow as far as being physical. We will not ease up on the reps of the intensity but we won't be as physical tomorrow. And then we will take the pads off the next two days after that."

Keeping with the physical theme, Phillips also talked about the differences between this year's defense and last year's. The head coach said most of the improvements start with how the team has improved in the weight room.

"We are much bigger and stronger obviously, and we should be after a year," Phillips said. "We were playing a lot of young guys (last season) and know those young guys have a little bit more knowledge of the position that they are playing. With size, you become a more physical football team and I think we are a faster football team over there on defense. The thing we have to do is stay healthy. We are not as deep as we were coming off the bench in the backend. I think we will be deep in the front three guys, but after that we are not that deep."



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