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Oct 23, 2012 6:37 PM by Alan Cutler

Cats Have The Right Chemistry

Before practice begins, Matthew Mitchell tells the team what they need to accomplish during this session, says a prayer, and the ladies go to work. The bar has been raised. If he's feeling the pressure of greater expectations, you'd never know it.

"But I would be lying if I didn't tell you that is something I think about a lot," says Matthew Mitchell whose team is picked to win the SEC again. "I want to make sure our chemistry is good. If you are not concerned about team chemistry, I don't think you are really concerned about winning the championship because I think that's a huge part of it."

On paper this could be the deepest and most talented Kentucky team ever. Everyone is thinking about the Final Four. But if there is something about this team that the media doesn't know, and True Blue Fans don't know, what would that be?

"I don't think you guys know how close we are on and off the court," says guard Bria Goss. "I think you guys will see how close we are. You guys will be able to tell we are a close team. Almost like sisters."

Mitchell is big on making sure his players think they can do it.

"It really takes belief in your mind that you can get it done," says Mitchell. "And sometimes that's harder to get the post players to understand."

"I am a feel based coach. Emotionally based coach a lot of times. I'm not real analytical. I'm not really stats drive. I'm more thinking about chemistry and I'm a big believer if we get the intangibles right with this team, that's going to be the difference."

Cal and Matthew Mitchell are friends. There is a feeling that Cal has really helped Mitchell, who ends these rumors.

"My relationship with Cal has helped him tremendously. He won the National Championship this year."

But, there is one thing Matthew Mitchell the comedian won't do, ask Cal to dance with him for next years Big Blue Madness.

"No, I try to make sure I bring things up to Cal that don't waist his time."

UK has two basketball teams that could end up making it to the Final Four.


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