Mar 27, 2013 9:53 PM

Cause Of Deadly Knox Co. Fire Unknown

Two and a half weeks after two adults and five children were killed in a house fire in Knox County, the state fire marshal says the fire was so intense, investigators can't figure out how it started.

Saturday morning, March 11, is when Dora Asher says her world fell apart. Fire destroyed her daughter's home, and took her family with it. Asher spoke with us two days after the tragedy:

"I just fell to the ground. They wouldn't let us go no closer," she says.

The fire killed Dora's 22 year-old daughter, Nina Asher, who was pregnant, as well as Dora's three grandchildren: three year-old William Gray Junior, two year-old Camden Gray, and eight month-old Abigail Gray. Nina Asher's boyfriend, 27 year-old Jesse Disney, also died. Two children who were family friends spending the night, were also killed.

How did the fire start? Why? After two and a half weeks of investigating, those questions can't, and won't ever be answered.

"The facts didn't lead us in any particular direction," says William Swope, State Fire Marshal.

He says the fire burned so hot and was so intense that it destroyed most everything in the bedroom, where the fire started, including clues that could have helped investigators figure out what happened.

"More frustrating than being able to determine what the source of ignition was, was the fact there was loss of life," he says.

Officials say while they're not sure what started the fire, they can say it was an accident.


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