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Oct 15, 2012 11:07 AM

CNN Talks To Family Of Kentucky Judge Who Died From Stroke Caused By Fungal Meningitis

He was one of the first victims linked to a deadly outbreak of fungal meningitis. The Kentucky circuit judge's death brings the death toll linked to steroid injections up to 15 people. Over the weekend, CNN exclusively sat down with the victim's family.

Eddie Lovelace died after suffering a stroke, something doctors couldn't explain until now. Lovelace was a healthy 78-year-old man, worked full-time and walked three miles a day. In the middle of September, he started feeling dizzy and slurring his speech. Lovelace had a stroke, and died five days after being admitted to the hospital.

Later, the doctors put it together. Lovelace had been in a car accident and received injections with steroids for pain. After his death, these injections were recalled because of fungal contamination, which can cause strokes.

Meningitis has been reported in 13 states thus far, with Tennessee hit the hardest with 205 cases confirmed and 15 deaths. Tennessee is the state where Lovelace traveled to for his injections.

The CDC estimates some 14,000 people may have received the injections.


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