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Dec 3, 2013 11:20 AM

Coming Up On LEX 18 News At Noon - December 3, 2013

Police arrested a woman after they found her children asleep in a room with drugs and a man dead from an overdose in Madison County. LEX 18 is tracking the story at a home on Dixie Plaza and will have the latest.

Also - a judge sentenced a man convicted of killing a Clay County sheriff more than 40 years ago to life in prison Monday. A jury convicted Oran Brumley of shooting Sheriff Matt Sizemore five times with a high-powered rifle as he was serving warrants in the Ephram Creek area on June 1, 1969. An update is coming up.

And - the late fall-early winter roller coaster will be in full swing for the next several days, with temperatures way above normal for a couple of days before the bottom falls out for the weekend. LEX 18 Storm Tracker Meteorologist Tom Ackerman is tracking the big swings in the weather and will have the latest in his forecast coming up on LEX 18 News at noon.


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