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May 31, 2012 5:42 PM by Josh Breslow

Controversial Billboard Condemning Homosexuality, Abortion Goes Missing

A theft investigation is underway in Lexington after a controversial billboard condemning homosexuality and abortion went missing, apparently showing up in a downtown Lexington bar.

The billboard reading "homosexuality is an abomination" and "abortion is murder" along with scripture from the Bible, went up along New Circle Road near the Old Frankfort Pike exit last Friday. Less than one week later, the billboard sits blank.

"If it is offensive, blame God. I'm quoting God," said Daniel Moody, a member of Bluegrass Church Of Christ, responsible for purchasing the billboard. "There's things you gotta live with. Evil people do evil things."

Moody refused to tell LEX 18 how many members were in his church or where the church was located. But he did say they spent almost $8,000 to keep the billboard up for one year.

The billboard apparently showed up inside Trust Lounge in Downtown Lexington Wednesday, hanging on a wall, covered in drawings of devils with horns and pitchforks. The drawings were very similar to the figures seen on a nearby billboard and those made popular by Dronex Inc, which had posted on a social networking website about a party Wednesday night at Trust Lounge.

A Trust Longue employee originally told LEX 18 that an anonymous person dropped off the billboard. Then the owners called and said it was actually a replica made for a show.

"We're not burning with hate. We just want to get it corrected, get our sign up, and get the message out," Moody said. "We try to put out the message and then you have something like this happen and we're not surprised and we're certainly not comparing ourselves to Jesus, but Jesus did good work and people thought he was doing the work of the Devil."

Bluegrass Church Of Christ said it purchased a similar billboard in Georgia.

Police told LEX 18, the drawings on the message found in Trust Lounge are similar to those seen in graffiti found in downtown Lexington in 2011.

If it turns out the billboard was stolen, Lexington Police said the person or people responsible could be charged with theft.


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