Oct 9, 2012 5:58 PM

Controversy Surrounds Jackson County Sheriff's Department Over Funds

There was a major shake-up in Jackson County Tuesday, where LEX 18 was told the county fiscal court is trying to remove the sheriff from office because of a debt of nearly $300,000.

At 2 p.m. Tuesday, the Jackson County Police Department had a new force sworn in as county officials question the sheriff's handling of money. County judge William Smith says the Sheriff's Department owes the county nearly $300,000. LEX 18 was told that deputies stopped getting paid a month ago when the county government decided to stop lending money to the sheriff's department to cover their payroll.

Sheriff Denny Peyman says it has become much more expensive to patrol the county. "We have more coverage now than we've ever had and it costs." he said. "People want it, but the funds aren't there to make that."

The county government is issuing several emergency executive orders, one of them to claim the sheriff's bond, which would effectively remove him from office, and the county hopes will pay for the thousands of dollars of debt.

The sheriff is still in office for now, however. LEX 18 was told that all but one of his deputies are on the new county controlled police force.


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