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Sep 8, 2012 10:37 PM

Corbin Couple Caught Stealing From Hotel

A couple of hotel guests ran off with a woman's safe Friday and the crime was all caught on camera.

"We feel violated," says Theresa Kranz, manager at Mountain View Lodge.

The crime happened Friday morning at the Mountain View Lodge in Corbin, but the plot may have been hatched long before that. "They came in, paid for a week or so, they were down on their luck and had no place to go," says Kranz. "We said we would let them stay and put them to work."

That was 5 months ago. Since that time, hotel management befriended the couple, who they identified as Billy Wright and Juanita Day. The video shows one woman distracting the hotel managers by showing them her dog, while a man steals the hotel safe, clutching it in one arm and running out the door.

"We have taken in many, many people who were down on their luck or whatever and just try to be nice to them," remembers Kranz.

Their good nature was taken advantage of, says Kranz. Now they just want to warn other hotel managers. "The more people that know about it maybe the next person won't get hit and they will hit again," says Kranz. "I mean there's no doubt, they'll hit somebody. They seem like nice enough people, just too nice."


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