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May 10, 2013 12:25 PM by Alan Cutler

Cousins Had More Fun Playing For Kentucky

No one questions that DeMarcus Cousins is one of the great talents in the NBA. Playing on a bad team for a franchise, Sacramento, that isn't considered a winner doesn't help. Forget the millions he makes. Losing isn't fun.

"A rough season," says the former UK star after throwing out the first pitch Thursday night before the Lexington Legends played. "Another rough season. Another learning season. I'm still a believer. I believe the good times will come."

How Cousins, who still shows a bad temper at times on the court feels about himself and how he thinks the way others looks at him, isn't fun.

"It's tough to deal with, walking around with this false image. I mean it's something I have to go through and I feel like things will get better one day. I feel like I'm in the learning stage right now."

Cousins talks to Cal who tells him to go play and have fun.

"That's the biggest thing he sees in my game that I'm not having fun. I take advice from people I believe in and people that have my back."

Cousins gets that it's not about having fun, that the NBA is a business. He has trouble at times being himself instead of the person he thinks others want him to be.

"I'm trying to improve on everything. Being a leader. Every year I'm trying to get my field goal percentage up. My all around game. It's not one specific area I'm trying to work on. I'm trying to work on everything."

"I feel like every year I get better. I learn from my mistakes every year. I try to work on the things I need to improve every year. Every season I feel I get that much better."

Cousins misses UK.

"What I really remember is just having fun. Everything was fun. Like one big happy family. That's the past. It's a different story right now."

It might become more fun when one of these days when Cousins signs a long-term contract that some think could top $100 million.


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