Aug 21, 2013 9:01 PM

Creation Museum Staff Member Shocked By Lightning

There was a lightning scare in Northern Kentucky Wednesday night. An employee at the Creation Museum was shocked by a zip line after it was struck by lightning.

The day started just like any other at the Creation Museum, but that changed when the sunshine quickly turned into storms.

"I was actually right there waiting to go on the zip line while the storm was going," said Daniel Vanwingerden. He went to the museum and rode the zip lines with his younger brother and sister Wednesday.

"They said we had to wait until it passed because it could have been dangerous because all of the aluminum and metal around. And then there was a big thunder and we really had to wait," said Titus Vanwingerden, who also rode the zip lines.

At the first sign of lightning staff members moved people to safety. In the process though, one of their own workers got hurt.

"Lightning struck somewhere, we are not even sure where yet, and one of our zip line guides was on the ground assisting guests and got hit by some electricity that came off of one of the lines," said Mike Zovath with the Creation Museum.

After getting shocked while grabbing the line, the man was conscious but had trouble feeling his hand and felt tingling in his arm.

"The electricity generated by the lightning knocked him down and caused some concern," said Zovath.

Zipline employees quickly called 911. The employee was then transported to Saint Elizabeth Lawrence Hospital as a precaution.

"It was a little bit scary, I have to admit, when I saw the ambulance drive by," said Daniel.

"We heard someone had been struck, then we went in and saw an ambulance and that was kind of nerve-wracking at first," added Titus.

The man is now safely home and is expected to be alright. After the scare though, the sun came back out and the zip lines reopened.

"The storm passed and it was really safe and a lot of fun," said Titus.

As people enjoy the zip lines, officials at the Creation Museum are thanking a higher power that nothing worse happened. "We are fortunate that there wasn't any serious injury and we always praise the lord that he's watching over everybody here," said Zovath.

Museum officials said they are confident in their safety procedures, but they plan to review protocol with all employees.


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