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Mar 4, 2014 7:37 PM

Crime Stoppers: Bus Station Beating

It's a crime, caught on camera and is tough to watch but Lexington Police think releasing the footage is the only way to help identify the man who violently attacked a man waiting for a downtown bus.

At first glance, police thought the video was a case of "The Knockout Game", a random act of violence seen sweeping the country lately but the suspect landed several more punches.

The video shows the suspect leaning against the token machine waiting for an elevator around 8:20 am. Jan. 27.

The suspect asks the victim for a cigarette downstairs and when the victim said no, he steps back and takes a swing.

"Why does the suspect pick this victim?" Lexington Police Department Detective Rob Sarrantonio asked. "He doesn't know who the suspect is. He was shown photos; it was just a random act of violence."

For the next several seconds, he lands several more to the victim's face.

"The video is pretty dramatic," Sarrantonio said. "The victim is seriously hurt. You can see him trying to protect himself from the assault."

When the victim is able to stand, he's bloody from fractures to his face, his orbital bone, his broken nose and deep cuts that required stitches.

Lexington Police said witnesses recognized this man as a frequent traveler at the bus station but don't know his name.

Crime Stoppers are offering a $1,000 reward in the case. If you have any information leading to an arrest, give the tipline a call at (859) 253-2020.


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