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Jan 27, 2014 10:40 PM

Danville Fairness Ordinance Dividing The City

A new ordinance is in the works in Danville, after the city council voted to move forward with the proposal on Monday. In the close knit community, there is a shared passion and pride. Still, the people of Danville are divided.

The fairness ordinance would make it illegal for anyone to discriminate based on sexual orientation or gender identity. Monday afternoon people on both sides of the issue voiced their opinions about the controversial ordinance at City Hall.

"Right now we do not have the equal protection of the laws for LGBT people," said a woman speaking to the Danville City Council at the meeting.

"I am against this because it's against the all mighty written scripture of all mighty God," said a man speaking to Danville City Council at the meeting.

If passed, the fairness ordinance would prohibit discrimination against anyone seeking a job, a home or any public accommodation based on their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Jamie Peyton says she's an example of discrimination in Danville. She said she was fired for being a lesbian, and chose to speak in public support on Monday. "I can't imagine how giving someone equal treatment would infringe on someone else's rights," said Peyton.

However, many people argue it will by infringing on their beliefs. "What is it going to mean to the religious freedoms of our churches and our Christian schools," said Thomas Graef, who took a stand against the ordinance Monday.

In the end, all voices were heard and the ordinance moved to the next step. However, people left with the same mixed emotions.

The City Manager and City Attorney have until March to make a draft of the ordinance. Once the draft is completed, the council will hear public opinion on the written proposal.

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