Multiple Arrests

Oct 10, 2012 10:48 PM

Danville Police Arrest Two Men In Connection To Woman's Murder

Police have arrested two men charged in the murder of a Boyle County woman, shot and killed at her apartment on Longview Drive around 3:30 Wednesday afternoon.

Melissa Luna-White's boyfriend held his head in his hands at the murder scene. Moments before that, his girlfriend was shot, right in front of him. She died at the hospital.

"I don't know it's terrifying," says the person who lives across the street. "I never seen nothing like that before."

The neighbor says he saw the whole thing happen. He says under the circumstances, he doesn't feel safe telling us his name or showing his face.

"She shoved him out the door and that's when they shoved him in the bush and they started fighting."

Late Wednesday night, police arrested 27 year-old Lamar Stallworth, charging him with murder and burglary. Twenty-three year-old David Harlan is also behind bars, charged with helping Stallworth.

The neighbor tells us he saw two men park in front of the apartment and one forced his way in. He says 29 year old Luna-White kicked the man out, her boyfriend tried to keep him out, but the shooter got back inside. That's when the person across the street says he heard shots.

"We kind of got back in the kitchen and stood there, then we come back to the door and try to see what was happening. They just pulled out and left," says the man.

You may recognize the name of this shooting victim. Melissa Jean Luna-White was one of three people charged in a Thanksgiving day murder, also in Boyle County. Luna-White, along with Gina Priest and Jordan White, are accused in the death of Michael Begley Jr., whose body was found on the side of Taylor Road. Police say Begley was still alive when he was left there, but died as a result of being choked.


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