May 9, 2012 12:43 PM

Daycare Worker Fired For Allegedly Being Drunk On The Job

An Anderson County daycare worker was arrested Monday for allegedly being drunk on the job.

The owners at Cradle To Crayons in Lawrenceburg say they first noticed something was wrong when they saw Gina York falling asleep holding an infant, then they smelled alcohol on her breath. That's when they decided to give her a breathalyzer test, and she blew a .038. Although that is under the legal limit, that was enough for them to fire her on the spot.

Police came and escorted York off the property and they arrested her. York was arrested again Tuesday night while walking on Saffell Street. They say she was intoxicated and staggering, and police also found a bottle of tequila in her purse.

The daycare says they took all the proper precautions to make sure the children were safe.

"She was on a break on lunch break," said co-owner Candace Anglin. "She took her lunch break in her car, so I'm assuming that's when she did it, She came back in, alcohol was smelled and proper actions was taken immediately, because we want to keep all our children safe that is our main concern and priority."

The owners say they took every precaution and York's background check was squeaky clean, and she even owned her own daycare in the past

York had a child of her own in that daycare at the time. Child services did intervene and are investigating.

York was taken to Shelby County Detention Center.


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