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Oct 23, 2010 3:34 PM by Alan Cutler

Did South Carolina Steal UK's Defensive Signals?

Every True Blue fan knows that the biggest problem UK is facing is why in the world the defense is so bad in the first half and so good in the second half. It's that old line, if we could only put two halves together....which is often the cry from teams who come up short.

Everyone with UK football is either scratching their head, or has a different theory as to what is wrong with UK's defense.

Making a big time adjustments," says linebacker Jacob Dufrene.

Stealing signs or signals has always been a part of sports. It doesn't get talked about a lot, but it happens. The question is, did that help South Carolina when they played UK?

"The Coaches making good adjustments at the halftime and coming out and getting us in the right gaps. Getting us in the right defenses to stop the opposing teams and we kind of think South Carolina was getting our calls from up top."

Once UK figured South Carolina knew what they were doing, UK did what everyone would do, adjust.

"Our defensive blitzs, they were knowing where we were coming from so we came in the second half and we had a few dummy calls and basically we think it might of helped us succeed in the second half."

Stealing signs can big a big help, if you are right.

"Yeah, if they know where you are coming from and you go the opposite way anyone can be successful in the opposite way from a blitz."

Dufrene, who has eight tackles on the season is convinced the Cats are feeling good about themselves as they get ready to take on Georgia Saturday night.

UK-Georgia: We invite you to join us tonight on our True Blue Fan Facebook page for a live blog-chat beginning at 7:30 Saturday night.


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