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Mar 30, 2011 5:22 PM by Josh Breslow

Dog Rescued After Spending 9 Days Trapped In Cave

A hunting dog trapped for several days inside a Metcalfe County cave was rescued early Wednesday morning.

Roger Moore and his dog, Half Pint were hunting in Edmonton nine days ago, when the dog chased after a raccoon. Half Pint ran into a cave, just off Highway 1243, but never came out.

"I didn't think I'd ever get her back," said Moore. "She got stuck on a ledge. I don't know why she couldn't get off. Scared. Panicked."

Moore said he could hear Half Pint barking, but the cave was filled with water and he couldn't reach her.

Two firefighters with the Park City Fire Department out of Barren County went into the cave early Wednesday morning to rescue the dog.

"As much rain as we had last night and the night before, we knew it would be tricky getting in there and getting her," said Ken Russell, one of the firefighters. "We had on helmets and we had to take them off to get through."

Within 25 minutes, Russell and the department's chief, Jason Poole, were able to rescue Half Pint, who was laying on a ledge about 150 feet inside the cave. The rising water from recent rain had trapped her inside.

"They risked their own lives to go in there and save my dog's life. And I thank them very much," said Moore.

Half Pint appeared healthy, surviving on water from inside the cave.


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