Hurricane Update

Nov 9, 2012 10:18 AM

Donations Collected For NYC Humane Society On Their Way To New York

Donations to a a Lexington cat hospital that were collected for the humane society in New York City in the wake of Hurricane Sandy are on their way to their destination.

Dr. Alice Mills is a vet at the Lexington Hospital for Cats. A week after the storm, she said they made a phone call to the humane society of New York City and was told they were in desperate need of cat supplies.

Mills and her team began collecting donations of products what she says the NYC humane society needs most, including cat litter and cat food.

"They're overwhelmed," said Mills. "There are so many displaced animals, there are animals just wandering the streets, they're being brought to the shelter."

The hospital collected 4,000 pounds of cat litter, 1,500 pounds of of dry food, hundreds of cans of food, $2,000 cash, bedding, towels and cleaning supplies.

And while rescuers work to make more reunions possible, the cats and dogs that have to keep waiting need help surviving.

"Part of our duty is being a member of the community and part of this country, and trying to help other people who are in need," Mills said.


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