Nov 20, 2012 11:28 PM

Double Fatal in Laurel County Car Accident, Two Others Injured

A crash on a busy highway in northern Laurel county killed two people, injured two others and shut down the road for hours. It happened just before 4 p.m. Tuesday along KY-3434, about two miles north of London.

"The next thing we know they hit, and there was another big boom. I looked and I said, Oh my God, they're killed," exclaimed eyewitness Debbie Inman.

Laurel county authorities said a Chevy Cobalt, driven by 23-year old Dustin Starks lost control when the right front tire of the car dropped off the roadway - before sliding sideways into the path of an on-coming Cadillac SUV.

"Two people were trapped in the red Cobalt - they died at the scene," stated Gilbert Acciardo, with the Laurel County Sheriff's Department.

Dustin Starks and his passenger, 36-year old Barbara Hurley died in the crash. An eyewitness, Debbie Inman, was standing in her driveway, when what she describes as a horrific crash, took place. She said she ran to help Hurley, trapped in the mangled mess.

"I seen her move her arm and I run back to her and she looked up at me and said, please help," stated Inman.

Inman said she knew there was nothing she could do, but call 911. Authorities said a man and woman in the Cadillac SUV that t-boned the Chevy Cobalt were also seriously injured. 52-year old Elizabeth Engle and 46-year old Duane Barlow were taken to St. Joseph's Hospital in London. Tonight, the extent of their injuries is unknown. Inman said she is shaken up by the accident and can't stress enough to people that they need to slow down.

"Is this a road that people speed on? Oh yes, they speed bad thru here. This is not the first one that has been killed on this little stretch of road up through here," explained Inman.

At this time investigators are looking into what caused the crash.


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