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May 6, 2013 10:59 AM

Eddie Montgomery Steakhouse Closes Abruptly

The Eddie Montgomery Steakhouse abruptly closed its doors overnight, leaving employees in a state of shock.

An employee says restaurant owner Tracy Nunan, Eddie Montgomery's ex-wife, came into the steakhouse around 8 p.m. Sunday and ordered takeout. About three hours later, Nunan posted a notice on Facebook indicating the restaurant was shutting down.

It's is with the utmost regret to announce the closing of Eddie Montgomery Steakhouse on Sunday, May 5, 2013. I'm sincerely sorry to all our employees. You all have supported EMS through this long difficult battle and even though it seems we've lost, we must look for our blessings. I'm grateful for all the hard work you've done and will cherish all the memories made. I pray that everyone finds a new path and your journey is successful. I thank you all for your dedication and apologize for the lack of notice and ask for your understanding, as this was not within my control.

Tracy Nunan

That Facebook page was later removed.

An employee says she showed up Monday morning and found a sign on the door simply stating, "Eddie Montgomery Steakhouse is no longer open for business." She says she had no idea the restaurant might close. She also said she has no idea where to pick up her paycheck.

Eddie Montgomery released a statement Monday, saying, "I love where I live and will always try to support the community. I want to thank everyone for their continued support. Unfortunately, we had to close the steakhouse. It was a dream of mine to bring something back to our hometown that we could all be proud of."


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